Seyi Awolowo-I’ll not apologize for being human

The former housemate, who’s still being rebuked  for his controversial remarks  in the house, was teased by the presenter who said that if she were to be his wife, she would ask for a divorce from him. She went on to ask if that dark side of him, was still there or as a result of orientation.

Seyi didn’t take it lightly, as he almost quarreled with the presenter, saying loudly whether she was asking him a question or a set up.

He exclaimed, “I really don’t have an answer in that regard. I’m not sure” But the latter wouldn’t let go, as she fired more missiles at the already displeased reality TV star.

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But before the altercation, Seyi had expressed his remorse for the comments he made while he was in the house.

Although he had  apologized to everyone, Seyi admitted that he was human, who was not devoid of mistakes.

” I shouldn’t have said what I said. It was my dark side that I kept inside of me. Regardless of the fact that I became human at that point in time, and my emotions were out there. I want to believe that I am a human being like every other person. I have apologized for what I said, but I am not going to apologize for being human.

‘If everybody was perfect then we are all gods. Is only God that is perfect and nobody is perfect. For the people that I hurt with my remarks. especially all the parents out there, I am sorry. I am a human being, there’s no way I will not make a mistake, Seyi stated.

Recall that the descendant of legendary Obafemi Awolowo came under fire  after he claimed during a conversation with Whitemoney that he had opened a miscellaneous account for his son to enable him to have sex with other people’s daughters.


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