Don’t cover your face; Nigerian police Invade Ashawo quarters (Watch video)

Don’t cover your face; Nigerian police Invade Ashawo quarters (Watch video)

A video has gone viral on social media in which the Delta state government exposes the Ashewo (prostitute) Quarters in Sapele and, as a result, recovers unlawful things.

The Delta State Government raided a prominent hotel along New Road in Sapele, as well as a brothel in the Ogun-Aja region, in its quest to ensure a drug-free environment in Sapele LGA and Delta State in particular.

The young females involved in prostitution were all gathered outside by Delta State Government officers in the video, and some unlawful drugs were discovered.

As expected, the video stirred several reactions online, while many berated the police for intruding on the privacy of the ladies stating that they do patronize them, others expressed disgust at how society has lost its value.

See reactions below;

prankhottiee: Is Ashawo iile#gal in this country ? Don’t be surprise this police fit sle#ep with them after arresting them 💔.

danieludehdante:  First when is sex worker illegal? Secondly why unprofessional arresting them? Why the slapping? Let’s follow each other and I am following back.

candy_flox: U go person office dey ask am unnecessary question 😳😳😳..

talktoraye: Wow! Look at the number of people that are into prostitution, Nigerian men lack self control! This business would not thrive if y’all control yourself! Increase in demand is increase in supply! The reason why the supply is increasing is because the demand right now is high. 🤮.

phatmimie: Na your younger brother, which means he’s a thief too… you the one providing them with weapons to Rob!! The police officer need to be questioned! Your brother can’t be touched, but you slapping those ladies for no reason!

Watch the video below;

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