Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup

Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup


Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup

Okra Soup is one of the Quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables used in preparing this recipe. Yes but once the vegetables are ready, it cooks in a very short time. Okra soup, is known as Miyan Kubewa in Hausa.

PREP: 30 Minutes

COOK: 10 Minutes

SERVES: 5 Minutes


Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup

  • Okra: 250g
  • Red Palm oil: 3 cooking spoons.
  • Beef: Best cuts.
  • Shaki – Cow tripe (Optional).
  • Fish: Iced Fish (Mackerel/Titus), Dry Fish, Stock Fish.
  • Crayfish
  • Pepper and salt to taste
  • Onions – Optional
  • Vegetables – pumpkin leaves or Spinach (Washed and frozen)
  • Seasoning – 3 Maggi/Knorr cubes


Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup

Preparation Direction for Okra Soup

  1. About 2 hours before preparing the soup, boil the stock fish for 20 Minutes and leave in the pot with the hot water to soak. There’s a type of Stock fish that I buy does not need all that soaking.
  2. Cut the Okra Fingers into tiny pieces. The tinier you cut the Okra, the more it will draw. To achieve this you need to make a few vertical cuts followed by horizontal cuts on the Okra Fingers.
  3. Grind the Crayfish and Dry pepper.
  4. Wash the pumpkin leaves, if it is your choice of vegetable, and cut into tiny pieces. If you will use frozen Spinach, defrost and cut into tiny pieces.

Cooking Directions for Okra Soup

  1. If you will use Shaki (Cow tripe) for the soup, wash and boil till it is done. Add water sparingly because this soup needs to be thick. Add the soaked stock fish and dry fish to the cooked Shaki. The length of time it will take to cook the Shaki depends on the cooking appliance utilized. You can take a bite to confirm this.
  2. When you are happy that the Shaki and stock fish are well done, add the beef, onions and stock cubes and cook till done. Then add the iced fish and cook till done.
  3. Pour Red Palm oil in another pot and heat the pot to dissolve the oil if it is congealed. Add the diced okra and start frying to kick – start the drawing process, add some meat stock from time to time till you notice the okra starts to draw. This process should take a Maximum of 5 Minutes to avoid over – cooking the Okra.
  4. Now add the Smoked Fish and vegetable and stir well. Add all the meat and fish, Crayfish, pepper and salt to taste. Then stir well.
  5. Cover the cooking pot and leave to cook and it is ready to be served.

Serve with Eba (Garri), Cassava Fufu, Semolina, Amala, Tuwo Shinkafa, pounded yam, Semovita and Wheat.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Easy Ways to Prepare Okra Soup

What is Nigerian okra soup made of?

Okra soup (African okro soup) is made with okra vegetables cooked in a delicious mixture of palm oil, shrimps, goat meat, fish, and African spices and simmered to perfection! This loaded okro soup is a staple in West Africa, including Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon.

What is okra soup called in Nigerian?

Nigeria. In Nigeria, okra soup is a delicacy and is popular amongst Yorubas, Igbos, Efiks, Hausas, and other Nigerian ethnic groups. In Yoruba, it is referred to as obe lla.

What does okra taste like in soup?

However in its purest form, okra has a mildly sweet and grassy flavour that can be likened to aubergines (eggplant). The flavour can be deepened or mellowed out depending on how you choose to cook it.

What are the benefits of okra soup to ladies?

It’s rich in magnesium, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, K1, and A. Okra may benefit pregnant women, heart health, and blood sugar control. It may even have anticancer properties.

What is the benefit of okra soup?

Okra is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants that help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Okra is also a good source of: Magnesium. Folate.

Does OKRO soup boost sperm?

Okra/ okra water contains folic acid and lots of sperm-boosting components. The components cure low sperm count and play a vital role in thickening watery sperms.

Does okra help in fertility?

Okra does not affect a woman’s reproductive health. I would advise women to disregard the claim. There are fertility drugs doctors prescribe which stimulates a woman to get pregnant,” Mairiga said. “Women shouldn’t rely on okra.

What is the difference between OKRO and okra?

Okra is French slang for the fruit of the Okro plant. And here’s where the two names diverge: Those living in Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of West Africa have continued to call the plant Okro, while those living in Canada, the Philippines, Liberia and the US have adopted the name okra.

How do you make okra not slimy in soup?

One popular way to reduce okra’s sliminess is to “soak it in vinegar for 30 minutes [before cooking with it], which helps to break up and dissolve the slime,” says food scientist, food industry consultant, and author Bryan Le.

Does okra increase menstrual flow?

Okra’s abundance in macro and micro nutrients, iron, and folic acid in particular, protects against excessive menstrual bleeding in women; replenishes blood deficiencies caused by heavy bleeding or malnutrition; and prevents anemia in women in their reproductive years.

Does okra cleanse stomach?

Okra’s insoluble fiber helps keep your digestive system in great shape and lubricates the large intestine. The fiber in okra also feeds the good bacteria in your gut, which promotes a healthy intestinal tract. That ultimately leads to less cramping, bloating and other unpleasant stomach problems.

What is the benefits of drinking okra with hot water?

Rich in antioxidants. Test-tube studies show that okra is a great source of several important antioxidants, such as quercetin and kaempferol, which may also be found in okra water. These compounds may reduce inflammation and neutralize harmful compounds called free radicals.

What is okra called in West Africa?

sound familiar? The word “okra” may have come from a corruption of the West African name for the plant : nkruma. In Swahili, it’s called “gumbo”, and the people of the Mediterranean call it “Bamyia”.

What country does okra come from?

It is disputed where the plant originated, most likely somewhere in West Africa, but we do know that it was cultivated by ancient Egyptians (ancient Egypt was called Kemet, which means ‘black land’ and is believed to have referred to the generative soil in the region).

Is boil okra good for you?

One cup of cooked okra provides an impressive 88 mcg of folate—22 percent of the daily value—a B vitamin that’s essential for anyone who is or might become pregnant as it helps prevent neural tube defects.

What does okra do for kidneys?

Okra Reduces kidney damage. Researches have proven that okra can help prevent diabetes. This means that it is a preventative food against kidney disease. A study reveals that daily consumption of Okra by diabetic patients, reduces the sign of kidney damage.

Does okra boost wetness?

It is also rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which improves wetness and stimulates wetness. According to reported research, some women have faith that drinking okra water daily helps to increase their lubrication and wetness, whereas others believe that it can even open up hidden wells for the ladies.

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