LGM:- Neco Physics Practical Answers 2021 – June/july Expo

Neco Physics Practical Answers 2021. Many NECO candidates find it difficult to answer the NECO Practical Physics correctly due to not understanding the questions. I will show you the best way to answer NECO Physics Practical questions and make a good NECO result in your Physics examination.

You need to understand the NECO Physics Practical marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to earn you big marks.

Bear it in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. So, ensure you do not skip any step while reporting and presenting your practical results. And do not forget to remember that the units are very important.


The Physics Practical question paper will consist of three areas and general Physics questions namely:

  1. Optics
  2. Electricity
  3. Mechanics

You will be expected to carry out an experiment, take readings and tabulate your values, plot graph, state precautions taken during the experiment, and report observation.

What you will see will not be far from the NECO Physics Specimen given to your school.

Note: Ensure you avoid parallax error while taking your readings to get accurate results and do not forget to choose lines of best fit while plotting the graph. It is not compulsory that all the points will enter the line.


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Question 1
– Retort Stand
– Split cork
– Spiral spring
– Mass hanger weighing 50g
– Four 20g slotted masses
– Stop clock or watch
– One metre rule

Question 2
– Four optical pins
– Four thumb pins
– Plain sheet/drawing paper
– Plain mirror
– Mirror holder
– 30cm ruler
– Drawing board

Question 3
– 2 Ω covered and labelled X
– Resistance box
– Key/switch
– Ammeter 0-2 A
– Accumulator of 2 V or two dry cells each of e.m.f 1.5 V
– Connecting wires


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