My Experience With A Fake Ass Unilag Student

So, I added this girl up through the school telegram group and we started chatting. Let’s call her Tomi.

Connected to WhatsApp and Facebook. Lectures were held online at that time so we were only chatting.

Fast forward to the second semester and school resumed physical classes.

I tried meeting up with this girl severally but each time I chat or call her, she will tell me that she’s busy. In some cases, she will end the call on me.

So, I decided to let her be as you can see in the chats below.

My last chat with her was May 27, 2021 when I told her that she lacks the character to be my friend and honestly she does. If she had come off as a rude girl that she later turned out to be, I would have deleted her number on the first chat.

Fast forward to Friday last week on June 11, 2021, I went to their female hostel to see another girl. Amina hostel precisely.

I was with the girl in my car when three girls came out of the hostel and I recognized the Tomi among the girls. We have never met in person before but I have seen her pictures a lot on Facebook and WhatsApp status, so it was easy for me to recognize her.

She wasn’t looking towards my direction so I had to call the attention of the other girls to touch her for me. Immediately she turned, I asked if she’s Tomi.

The speed at which this girl ran towards my car, she nearly entered inside gully water. I had to engage my reverse to get to a dry place so she could come closer.

At first, she claimed she couldn’t recognize me until I told her my name. She was acting all nice and told me that she was rushing for a lecture.

Immediately, the girl texted me on WhatsApp at exactly 3:08pm. I read and ignored her message because I know she’s been moved by what she saw. The boy looks fresh 


And she texted me again with a dot around 10:26pm before I just decided to give her a reply with her try to form stressful lecture day. Maybe I would promise to come and take her out. Lori iro!

Why do girls act cold or nice based on their perception of a man’s worth? If I want to bed that girl now, it’s as easy as ABC.

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